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Xi'an Optical Metrology

  Located in Xi'an, an ancient capital, Xi'an Optical Metrology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to serve the research institutions, universities, high-tech enterprises at home and abroad and related scientific research personnel. Our company is engaged in the development and sales of high-precision photoelectric test products and application technologies and providing technical services.

   With our independently developed photoelectric auto-collimation technology as the core and client application as the orientation, we have developed many different series of high-precision photoelectric measuring instruments, including AIM series photoelectric auto-collimator, FocusAIM series focometer, AngleAIM series goniometer, DecAIM series eccentric instrument, OptAIM spherical test station and AIM series collimator. With a perfect technical team, we have profound technology accumulation in optical design, mechanical design, software development, technical services, and other aspects. Besides developing optical and photoelectric test standard instruments, we also provide specialized optical and photoelectronic test solutions to many customers in avigation, spaceflight, weapon, Chinese Academy of Sciences, machine tool and other industries and develop specialized optics, mechanics, electronics and computer integration digital test systems. All of the staff in the technical team are senior engineers in development and application of the industry, have participated in many application projects of related products, and have many years of experience in photoelectronic test technology and the applications. We will continue to innovate and produce more stable, more precise and more reliable test products to better serve the customers.

    Our company has been certified by ISO9000 quality management system, and our products have achieved excellent test results in professional measurement performed by national metrological verification institutions. Our AIM series photoelectric auto-collimator has reached the test precision of 0.1″/600″, the leading level in the industry at home, and has the same precision level with the instruments made by well-known foreign manufacturers. Our products have been used in many research institutes and high-tech enterprises at home, and are widely praised by the users.

    We will take technology innovation as the basis, take technical application as the guidance, and take technical service as the orientation in the future, make constant improvements in existing products, study new technologies, and develop new products to provide the users with more advanced, more reliable, and higher-precision test products. We are making every effort to become an innovative photoelectric test expert and a leading enterprise.


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